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Frequently Asked Questions

(in addition to the ones in the back of the instructions)

Why do you have so many FAQ's? Can you not write instructions?

Because reading comprehension isn't everyone's strong suit ;)

But real talk, nothing is worse than playing a game and wanting to clarify something but not being able to so we want to answer as many questions as we can so things aren't up for interpretation! 

What is a 6 vs a 9? I can't tell! 

They are color coded (evens vs odds).

This was an oversight caught after production and will be fixed if and when we print more!

Those with very sharp sight can tell a difference between the shape of the number but the color is the easiest way to distinguish!

What does value vs quantity mean?

Quantity = physical number of cards

Value = number ON the card (i.e. 1, 6, 17, etc) 

You can play any quantity of cards on your turn, it is the value of them that must be equal to or lower than the previous player's card(s).

Where am I playing my cards?

Into the pile in the center of the playing area. 

There is also a separate discard pile where all the cards not drawn for a round are moved as well as any cards that have been poofed

Can we play with more than 6 players?

Technically, yes- you can play with up to 8.

Is Poof the Game available outside the US?

The game is currently only available on (which does sometimes ship to other countries) and for our neighbors to the North!

How can I carry Poof the Game in my store/bar/library/etc?

If you are a bar, library, school, or other community-type space, we offer free copies of Poof the Game for your patrons!

If you are a store, we offer wholesale pricing and can discuss details with you! 

Don't hesitate to fill out our contact form or email

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