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Challenge Rules

Want to add even more twists to the game? Here's a few options!

  • Instead of flipping over the card once the card on top of it has been played, you leave it face down and play it blindly. If you play it and it is higher than the card already played, you pick up the pile. 

  • When a player poofs, they get to assign one player to add one randomly selected card from the discard pile to their hand. 

Alternative Rules: About

Drinking Rules

21+ Only. Got your own idea? Feel free to submit to see it featured here...if we like it.

  • Every time someone plays a poof card, everyone takes a sip. 

  • Every time someone poofs by playing 4 or more of a kind, they get to assign a sip. 

  • If a player has to pick up the pile, they must finish their drink. 

Adults only: These rules are meant for those players ages 21 and over. Always drink responsibly. 

Alternative Rules: About
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Simplified Math

Because we get it, math is hard!

Instead of using the face value of every card to determine your points, try the below!

  • Cards 1-9 are worth 5 points

  • Cards 10-20 are worth 10 points

  • Poof cards are still worth 50

Alternative Rules: Welcome
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